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Vinyl Flooring FAQ

Bamboo flooring incurs some installation off-cut and wastage. The average percentage is about 5-7%. For example, if your installation area is about 50 sqm, you need add 2.5 to 3 sqm extra. Honest suppliers of quality bamboo will only add 5-7% on total quantities. There are some bamboo floor suppliers who try to add 10%, or even 15%. That means they try to sell you more product or claim a higher rate of defective bamboo. Sometimes, by trying to save $1 or $2 per square meter, you can end up paying more in the total flooring cost. We only add 5-7% for wastage and off-cut and keep your costs reasonable.

Good flooring installers are very important. Bamboo is different from timber flooring. Our qualified bamboo installers have many years experience in bamboo flooring installation. They only generate about 5% wastage on the average house and save you money. Cheaper mobile floor contractors cannot offer reliable installation guarantees after the bamboo is laid and you have paid. You never know where you can find them if there is any problem in the future.