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Hybrid Flooring FAQ

Yes, Hybrid flooring boards are new water proof technology flooring. All our hybrid flooring  are 100% water proof. However there are not all the hybrid flooring on the market are water proof. There are some hybrid flooring come with cork timber underlay on the back. These cork are not 100% water proof and they will cause problems if any water damage.

Hybrid flooring is 100% water proof, and you can lay hybrid floor in the wet area like bathroom and toilet. However we still recommend traditional tile for these wet area. Even the water can not damage the hybrid flooring, if you have flood or leaking, the water may stay underneath of boards, it takes long time to evaporate from the underneath. But if only small amount of water drop above the hybrid, this will not cause any inconvinience, just mop them off.

Comparing traditional timber and laminate flooring, hybrid flooring use stone polymer composite material to make the boards structure more solid and stable. that means hybrid flooring boards density is much higher than traditional flooring. that is why you may feel the boards are very heavy even they are only 5mm or 6.5mm thick. It is not necessory to make hybrid boards to 12mm or 14mm. That’s why the most boards on the market are 5mm, 6.5mm and 7mm. the 8.5mm thick hybrid is very thick hybrid flooring on the market.