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Laminate Flooring

Kingswell Flooring supply a wide range of timber floors, hybrid floors, bamboo floors and Laminate Floors in Melbourne.

The Difference of Timber Floors and Laminate Floors

Hardwood timber Floors are a traditional flooring choice and different from engineered hardwood. Solid timber can be sanded and coated again after a few years. Because there are limited wood forest resources, solid timber is becoming more and more expensive. On today ‘s market, most consumers choose engineered timber floor. They have same looking and feeling as the solid timber. However, they are more reliable and better looking. Kingswell Flooring has good quality timber flooring range to choose.

Laminate floors are different with timber and bamboo flooring. It is man made flooring boards. It has four main parts: Balance sheet, HDF (High Density Fibre) Base Board, Decorative Paper and AL2O3 Anti-scrach Overlay. Laminate Flooring not only looks beautiful but is also very hard wearing and anti scratching. Comparing hardwood timber floors, laminate floors can not be sanded and polished. However the most advantage of laminate floors are hard wearing and great price.

Kingswell Flooring is laminate flooring specialist in Melbourne. Since 2005, we have supplied and installed laminate flooring in thousands of residential and commercial properties.

See Laminate Flooring FAQ page for more questions and answer about laminate flooring details.

Laminate flooring does not use solid wood. It offers the look of hardwood but at a far lower cost. The construction of laminate floors in Melbourne happens in four steps.

– We start with a backing layer (also known as the balance sheet) which bonds with the laminate and gives it stability. This layer floats over the top of a foam underlay, unlike hardwood.

– Next comes the high density fibre (HDF) base board. This is made of highly compressed synthetic material to withstand impacts like walking or jumping. This gives laminate floors their true durability.

– Then comes the decorative layer – the surface film that gives an all-natural hardwood appearance. This layer is a high definition image of the wood texture that’s been pasted onto the board.

– The resin-based coating is applied last. This is an AL 203 anti-scratch overlay which provides laminate floors with their scratch-free and UV ray resistant properties.