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Laminate Flooring FAQ

Although laminate flooring looks like timber, it uses no solid wood in the manufacturing process. Laminate floors are made from several materials bonded together under high pressure. This is topped with a high resolution photographic image of a natural wood. Laminate flooring is durable and attractive and is a lot more affordable than hardwood flooring. Kingswell flooring sells 8mm and 12mm thick laminate flooring.

A laminate flooring that connects together with a locking system and does not need gluing or nailing and is easy to install. Today, most of laminate is floating laminate flooring.

AC Rating is Abrasion Class Rating for laminate floors. AC rating is an abbreviated representation of a laminate’s resistance to abrasion, impact, stains and cigarette burns. The AC Rating levels AC1 through AC5 are each represented by international pictographs reflecting the product’s application and durability.

AC1 is for moderate traffic, and suitable for bedrooms or guest rooms
AC2 is for general residential traffic, and suitable for living rooms or dining rooms
AC3 is for heavy traffic residential and moderate traffic commercial, and suitable for all residential house area and some light commercial areas.
AC4 is for general commercial traffic.
AC5 is for heavy commercial traffic.

The main advantage of laminate flooring is the fact that it is less than half the price of hardwood flooring. It is also easy to install, as the boards click together which makes it an easy DIY install. Unlike hardwood floors, laminate is scratch and fade resistant.

Laminate flooring can be installed in most rooms of your home and can be installed over wood or concrete. It is not recommended for wet areas such as bathrooms and laundries. Excessive water can cause laminate flooring to warp or swell.

Yes, due to their floating nature, these floors expand and contract with changes to temperature and humidity. It is recommended you leave a 10mm gap around the perimeter, if you do not do this the flooring is likely to buckle. The gap can be covered with scotia edging.

No, laminate flooring is not wood and cannot be sanded.

Kingswell flooring recommends that you clean your laminate flooring using a vacuum cleaner with a soft brush, or use a damp mop to remove dust and grit. Do not allow excessive water to remain on your laminate flooring: use a mop, cloth or sponge to soak it up straight away. Do not use steel wool or other scouring products that may scratch the laminate. Do not wax or polish your laminate flooring.