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Our UniClic® Bamboo Flooring

Kingswell Flooring supplies beautiful, durable and environmentally friendly bamboo flooring for Australia. All Greenland™ and Verdura™ bamboo floor products are manufactured under international standard ISO9001 and ISO14001 , with advanced German technology.

Bamboo Floor

Our UniClic bamboo has premium 4 sided UniClic® click locking system, which has been approved as the best floor locking system in the world, patented licence authorised by Sweden Unilin® group. There are 8 different bamboo colour to choose. Through many years, we are always working together with one of the largest world class bamboo manufacturers and supplying the premium prefinished bamboo flooring. (* All the special price is cash price with minimum 50 SQM order)

Bamboo Flooring Melbourne

We have professional bamboo flooring installation service. Our installation teams are all qualified bamboo floor installers with many years experience. Please visit our Bamboo Floor Gallery to check some of our finished bamboo flooring projects.

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Bamboo Floor UniClic - Natural Colour

Our UniClic® Bamboo is cold-pressed, premium finished bamboo flooring

Bamboo Floor UniClic - Ghost Gum Colour

Bamboo Floor UniClic - Coffee (Carbonized) Colour

UniClic® Bamboo is cold-pressed, premium finished

RRP $73.00 per sqm

Sales now : $ 55 per sqm

Bamboo Floor UniClic - Antique Brush Colour

Bamboo Flooring - Brown Sugar Colour

Bamboo Floor UniClic - Jatoba Colour

Our Jatoba Colour bamboo is stained, premium finished bamboo flooring

Bamboo Floor UniClic - Walnut Brush Colour

Bamboo Floor UniClic - Corel Reef Colour

Bamboo Floor UniClic - Tiger Colour